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My latest updates and happenings

by | 27 Jul, 2021 | My News and Updates | 0 comments


I’ve been meaning to add my next ‘diary of a painting’ post, but life has been rather busy lately. It’s mostly written, so it shouldn’t be much longer. Instead, I just through I’d write this quick post to tell you about all of the latest updates and happenings that’ve been going on behind the scenes here at TCC HQ.

Another pet portrait completed

a pet portrait of Bonnie the sprocker


I recently completed another pet portrait commission, this time of the lovely Bonnie. This was a lot of fun to do, and really  tested my ‘artistic licence’. Originally I’d planned to do a full body portrait, and I set out painting just that. However, when I got to her feet I realised that they were completely obscured by a really thick rug. Rather than guess and potentially get it wrong, I decided to switch over to a head and shoulders painting instead. I think it came out rather well, and Bonnie’s owner was very please with it, and even sent me a photo of the completed portrait all framed and ready to hang on her wall:

My latest updates and happenings | Resized 20210717 123414

You’ll be able to see my creative choices in the time-lapse video, which is availble to watch on my YouTube channel:


Getting recognition

I’m proud to annouce that this blog has been recognised in the top 10 UK painting blogs on Feedspot. Feedspot are a media database, and it’s thrilling to be featured. You can see the top 10 list here: Top 10 UK Painting Blogs

The Christmas Bookings Countdown

It seems rather early to be talking about Chrismas, but it’ll soon be that time of year again. I’m likely to start getting rather busy with commission bookings from around September, so please don’t leave it to the last minute. Beat the rush, and get in there quick before everything goes Christmas crazy!

What’cha workin’ on?

Currently another commission, but of a baby this time! It’s a challenge, but a good one, and I’m rather enjoying it. I’m also working on a couple of personal projects. One is a painting of another plane (a Eurofigher this time), and the other is a portrait of the wife. Ironically I’m finding the latter the hardest thing I’ve ever had to paint! I guess it’s becuase I know her face so well that I keep beating myself up if the slightest little thing doesn’t look ‘just so’. I’m also still trying to finish a lake landscape painting that I keep putting on the back burner. It’ll get there.

Right, I think that’s all from me for now. Catch you all in the next one!

All the best,

About the author

About the author


Justin is the owner of The Curious Creative. Besides painting he also enjoys going for nice walks with his dog, photography, music, food, movies, and a bit more food. He's also an uber nerd and loves anything to do with tech. Currently he's trying to seek help for a nasty Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 addiction.


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