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Products In Real Life

by | 7 Sep, 2021 | Shop and Product News, My News and Updates | 0 comments

I’m aware that some of the product images in my shop aren’t the best in terms of resolution. I’m working on getting better images available, but there isn’t a lot I can do about this currently, as I have to use the images my framers etc send me.

With this in mind, I thought I’d take a moment to share some examples of how a few of my products look in real life. Giving you a close-up view to better see their quality.


Canvas Prints

To start things off, here’s an example of one of my paintings, The Kingfisher, as a canvas print:

This is the mid-sized canvas option (12″ x 18″).

THe print quality is really lovely. In fact, like my prints, all of my canvases are Giclee printed directly from my original work. The Giclee process ensures that the finest detail is captured, colours are accurate with the widest possible gamut. Archival quality inks are also used to prevent any fading and degradation, ensuring the longevity of your painting for many years to come.

Greeting Cards

Here’s an example of the various finishes of my greeting cards too.

This first one is the ‘premium’ variant with a silk finish:

You’ll have to excuse the first photo, it’s not the best. I merely wanted the card to reflect some light so that its surface finish would be visible. My camera has also picked up the print method as a moire pattern in the second photo. The card doesn’t look pixellated/grainy in real life.

This is a nice semi-matte finish, which gives a natural colour reproduction.
As a side note, the main reason this range is classed as ‘premium’ is simply because the envelopes are that much nicer. The card itself is also ever so slightly thicker.

Next up is an example of my ‘standard’ greeting cards:

My range of standard cards have a glossy finish, giving the image more contrast with deeper blacks.

Which finish you prefer is entirely up to you.

Print Paper

Lastly, I wanted to give an extreme closeup

Products In Real Life | tumblr 64753a0375ed70dca82f4b6fb9b41185 cd69236e 400
view of the etching paper that I use for my prints (including all framed, unframed, and special edition prints), to give you a better idea of it’s texture:

As you can see this paper has a very distinct texture. This texture, which is very similar to pressed watercolour paper, allows it to hang on to more ink, giving images deep blacks and colours that pop while maintaining accuracy and saturation. Nor does it compromise detail retention.

I love this paper. It adds another layer of interest to painting and makes it feel truly special.

As always, all of my prints are Giclee printed to ensure the best archival quality and longevity.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see in more detail, such as a frame, let me know in the comments. 

About the author

About the author


Justin is the owner of The Curious Creative. Besides painting he also enjoys going for nice walks with his dog, photography, music, food, movies, and a bit more food. He's also an uber nerd and loves anything to do with tech. Currently he's trying to seek help for a nasty Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 addiction.


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