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Who is The Curious Creative?

Ginny looking cute

Hi, my name's Justin.

I live in East Sussex with my wife, Jackie, and our dog, Ginny the Cockapoo. I enjoy painting in my spare time and while I did take art at both school and college (and drew loads of X-Wings when I was little), I hadn't really dabbled since then. In fact, it was Ginny who got me back into painting. I had great fun capturing some key moments and character traits of hers (like her best sitting while expecting a treat), and it was really her that sparked my desire to be a pet portrait artist. She's six now and is a constant source of joy and friendship.
Lockdown has also played a part by giving me more time to explore my hobbies. Be they new ones, or, like painting and playing the piano, ones that I've neglected over the years.

I've been a dog owner all my life. Literally. My mum had a dog before she had me! This has given me a humbling insight into the eternally enthusiastic soul behind their eyes, and I can really appreciate what these little furballs mean to us. This all helps me to better understand what makes them tick, and to capture their true character in their portrait.

As well as pet/animal portraits, I also enjoy painting pretty much anything else. Check out my gallery to take a look. There's also a selection of my other artwork exclusively available for sale as fine art Giclee prints. These prints are available either unframed in a variety of sizes, or fully framed and ready to hang.

As for what medium I use, my preference is to work digitally. The scope for experimentation and just letting things 'flow' is excellent, and it's considerably less messy! I also feel that it suits my style, which is quite eclectic. It gives me the ability to easily switch between different mediums, be they oil, watercolour, acrylic, alcohol, or pencils, for example, depending on what I feel suits a particular painting, subject, or mood.

So what makes me a Curious Creative?
I enjoy being constructive with my hands and 'making'. Especially if it arouses my curiosity and gives me an opportunity to create, explore, or learn something.

Ginny looking cute
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